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Pak Mail of Spring Hill
Pak Mail of Spring Hill

Custom Crating & Shipping - We Ship Anything, Anywhere

Don't know how to get it from here to there? Don't worry, we do. The professionals at Pak Mail of Spring Hill specialize in large item packing, specialty crating and shipping services. Our certified packing experts utilize state-of-the-art packing and custom crating processes to protect valuables during shipping. We handle any size, any weight, any shape, with expertise, efficiency, and security.

We offer custom crating and custom shipping for heavy, oversized, and fragile individual items, such as armoires and grandfather clocks, as well as artwork, antiques, equipment, and high-tech electronics. We also pack and ship entire homes, offices, and warehouses. With our customized large-item packing services and preferred network of specialized carriers, we can ensure the safety and timely delivery of your shipments.

  • We consider the item's fragility, composition, and value to determine the best packing methods.
  • We use prefabricated boxes, design and build one-of-a-kind wood crates and corrugated fiber-board containers.
  • We use appropriate packing materials to ensure protection during transportation.
  • Our custom shipping experts also secure shipments with pallets or skids to provide additional stability and handling.

Art, Antiques, & Auctions - We Ship Anything, Anywhere

Pak Mail has earned a reputation as a preferred crating, custom packing and shipping services provider for the art and antiques community. We work with museum curators, art galleries, artisans, and auction houses to ship works of art, collections, and antiquities around the world.

Our art shipping professionals work with precision and complete attention to detail to address your needs. We evaluate individual requirements of artwork and antiques and pack to ensure safe arrival. We pick up and deliver with white-glove service, construct custom packaging with appropriate internal protection, and select art shipping methods that are most secure for high value and one-of-a-kind items.

  • Artifacts
  • Ceramics
  • Collectibles
  • Glass
  • Heirlooms
  • Historical Archives
  • Paintings and Drawings
  • Pottery
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles

Specialty Freight Services - We Ship Anything, Anywhere

Pak Mail offers innovative solutions for specialty freight challenges. We pack, crate, and ship, art, machinery, antiques, furniture, and equipment all over the world. Our specialists will provide consultation on the most efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-effective manner to pack and ship your specialty freight worldwide.

Pak Mail offers the following packing and shipping services:
  • Custom crate and container construction
  • Auction items, art, and antiques
  • Industrial, aerospace, and medical shipping
  • Estate and moving services
  • Temperature-controlled rail cars and trucks
  • Government/military packing and shipping
  • Institutional/educational packing and shipping
  • Corporate relocation
  • Shipment consolidation and multi-locale distribution

If you need any further information please feel free to contact us at your convenience at (352) 596-7414.

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